LETTER: Truck traffic on main Alberni street ‘intolerable’

LETTER: Truck traffic on main Alberni street ‘intolerable’

To the Editor,

The large truck traffic through town is ridiculous. The amount that stop for coffee at Tim Hortons on Redford Street is absurd.

Picture every night to all hours, again during the wee hours before dawn, the rumble and roar of a semi pulling up outside your bedroom window while you slumber, or try to. Then the loud hiss and cymbal crashing noise of the airbrakes doing their thing.

Not enough? Most drivers leave the engine running while they run to Tim Hortons for coffee.

They are excessively noisy; they pull up in a bike lane, and they park on a yellow line, with motor running and no one in the rig! This is such an irresponsible thing to do on so many levels.

I called city hall: their response? “Call the cops.”


Take our crime fighters and peacekeepers away from attending to crime?

How about repaint the yellow line, put up a sign clearly stating no parking or leaving vehicles unattended and police the area with a bylaw officer ( if none at night put up a camera).

Something needs to be done before a terrible accident happens there.

S. Fast,

Port Alberni