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LETTER: Upper Burde Street needs sidewalks, says Port Alberni resident

To the Editor,

To the Editor,

We have a problem on Burde Street. As most are aware, there has been a boom of households built on the upper part of Burde Street. The problem lies in a small section of Burde, approximately half a kilometre long, that is narrow and doesn’t have sidewalks. The rest of the entire street comprises a wide road with sidewalks.

With the population increase, plus people coming to use the trails, there is an abundance of pedestrian traffic. People of all ages use the street for their walks, some with their dogs. Living next to this short narrow section and using the trails across the street, we’ve been narrowly hit by speeding vehicles, honked at and yelled at.

I’m suggesting not only to widen and put in a sidewalk, also crosswalks with speed bumps, and signage.

Bonita Greening,

Port Alberni

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