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LETTER: West Coast General Hospital needs more doctors, not a new emergency dept.

Money should have been spent attracting medical personnel, says writer
Crew members wrap up some work at the West Coast General Hospital emergency department construction site on April 21, 2022. (SUSAN QUINN/ Alberni Valley News)

To the Editor,

Re: Extension of the emergency ward at West Coast General Hospital.

Why? We are in need of so much more to improve the hospital: we need more nurses, surgeons, and doctors influenced to move to Port Alberni instead of extending the emergency ward. Why are we extending something we cannot handle as it is? The money should have been used to influence the above doctors and nurses to move to our great community.

A lady died in another emergency ward in Canada the other day because of an overabundance of patients waiting to get looked after, and we have one urologist here in Port Alberni that does multiple surgeries each day, dedicated to his practice beyond what any man should have to do. We need to attract more help to our community, and if we have to do it with dollars let’s get to it, as opposed to extending a facility that will be overloaded with patients that need help.

The money should have been put forward to extend this facility to another surgery room and should have put more thought into what it is doing to help the people of Port Alberni. I suppose having a lot more patients waiting for medical help in an emergency room will be much more appreciated than having a few more physicians and surgeons to handle their waiting?

But seriously, I fail to see what a larger emergency unit will help in the future, without more doctors and nurses to help. It just does not make sense.

Dave Noble,

Port Alberni