LETTER: What’s wrong with our society begins with a broken system

Why are we so backwards?

To the Editor,

Why are we so backwards? Our system is completely inane when it comes to driving, People speed like morons, pass in intersections just to get ahead of others and our police do nothing.

It would be easy to stop speeders: all they need to do is issue a $500 fine, tow the car away for a week and give them three points on their licence. After nine points their licence is gone for one year. It all starts at our judiciary system—judges and lawyers run the system, not us, the people.

When I complain I never get any response from anyone. This is not democracy, or is it?

People who worked all their lives get very little pensions so they can hardly exist and can’t get a place to live in because of the big rent increases for the capitalistic greed, and this needs to change. I hope I get some response from our politicians.

Peter Rueschmann,

Port Alberni

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