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LETTER: Why are cats allowed to roam freely?

To the Editor...
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To the Editor,

Why are cats allowed to run freely around the city of Port Alberni without there being any bylaw for them to be on a leash?

They can possibly cause death to humans, with Salmonella and E. coli, along with other harmful effects from their feces that can harm humans, such as roundworm and hookworm.

This is 2024. When are we going to get some kind of governing to protect people from some of these problems? When it comes to the fact that people could possibly die from something, do you not agree that something should be done about it? We are condemning cigarettes because they are killing people. When are we going to identify the fact that these animals are in that category as well?

We bring councillors and premiers into our lives to run our communities, and I for one have been complaining for years about the problem of cats. There are cats roaming the streets of our fair community here in Port Alberni, all night and day, and the appropriate government employees are doing nothing about it other than asking you to catch them and report them to their owners. Try to catch a cat to identify it to its human at the late hours of the night — good luck on that one.

They roam the streets all night using our gardens as a toilet. How many people are going to suffer to get proper action on this health matter? 

Dave Noble,

Port Alberni