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LETTER: Writer questions debate over city debt

I have seldom, if ever seen a positive comment…

To the Editor,

Re: Public has duty to speak up about council spending, Letters, June 22, 2022.

I have seldom, if ever seen a positive comment from this writer over the years. The writer mentions city debt has risen $17 million dollars during our mayor’s (Sharie Minions) eight years on council. He conveniently neglects to mention the first four of those eight years were as a councillor under the previous mayor (Mike Ruttan), who she defeated in the last election.

The writer brings to mind a statement made by the late Clarence Darrow many years ago which was to the effect that he could discuss and successfully debate any given topic. When questioned on how this was possible, his reply was, “I would always take the negative approach or position.”

The writer has proven this on many occasions in his submissions to this newspaper.

I don’t intend to go over his claims point by point other than to note he has definitely spent a lot of time researching this. I am curious though, why does he not seek a position on council where he could use this knowledge to work from within.

Why is Port Alberni so attractive to not only new residents but to business and industry as well if our governing body is doing everything wrong, as this letter appears to indicate?

Wayne B. Oliver,

Port Alberni