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LETTER: Writer questions Port Alberni council’s decisions over land

From Somass Sawmill to parkland, city resident has concerns

To the Editor,

I am surprised at how smart our present city council is. Have they not learned from mistakes previous councils have made?

The present council wants to expropriate the Somass Sawmill land, which pays $459,000 annually in property taxes; sell parkland cheap for housing; buy from this money other land, which according to council is not available.

Remember the plywood mill land the city bought for $1? Good deal? No. The city lost millions of dollars in taxes, and it cost a lot to clean up the land.

Regarding the sale of parkland, city council did not even have the courtesy to notify the people of Port Alberni about their intent to sell.

It looks to me like city council is more interested in their own wages than the well-being of Port Alberni.

Roland Goehl,

Port Alberni

Port Alberni