LETTER: Yard waste helps fill senior’s green bin in new Port Alberni compost system

Hopefully it will help make better Port Alberni dirt…

To the Editor,

Pity a poor senior who needs to haul out their extra large recycling and compost bins to the curb.

Truthfully, I was in disbelief on the humongous size of the City of Port Alberni’s new recycling and compost containers. Where on earth to store them was my first challenge. Then came the thought, how on earth to fill them!

I was seriously scratching my head until a dear neighbour told me he has been filling his up with yard waste. Which got me thinking… we’re creating dirt here so what better way to feed the system. With a Bosc pear tree in my backyard, my compost is currently full. So I’ve been adding in my yard waste, some Maple tree leaves and extra weeding debris from the garden.

Hopefully it will help make better Port Alberni dirt. And more importantly, ward off any future landfill expansions.

Jane Victoria King,

Port Alberni

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District