LETTERS: Where is respect for Alberni Valley?

Dec. 1: Writers focus on dumpy lawns and dumping on history.

Have some respect

To the Editor,

It amazes me how some people live.

Wrecked cars and pickup trucks all over their place, garbage cans empty and all the garbage around them. This happens in our city and also the regional district—Beaver Creek and Cherry Creek.

We should have a bylaw which will make people clean up, or the city will do it and charge the cost against people’s property taxes.

Also people who throw their garbage, cans, cups, bottles and cigarette butts out of the window are easy stoppable: catch them, take their car away and charge them a minimum fine of $250 and you will see how fast this will end.

We need to have rules to stop the slobs.

Peter Rueschmann,

Port Alberni


Doomed to repeat history

To the Editor,

If we don’t exercise freedom of speech, will “politically correct“ muzzle the media?

Is there enough past history and present technology to occupy young minds without adding superstition tradition and preservation of little-used languages to curriculum?

Could money be better spent on childcare and clean water?

If gods appeared 14,000 years ago as archaeologists and historians claim, is church state a mind control opiate to preserve status quo? Can we rationalize that if design was intelligent, why did Earth see so many extinctions?

Have mainline churches ever backed peasants against aristocracy? Was Roman Catholicism a religion of peace as Islam claims to be, and have missionaries been unknowing colonizers for their country?

Does the First Commandment and Luke 19:27, guarantee freedom of worship?

Do the one per cent divide majority by race and religion, and pull the strings even in democracy?

Faith overrules science in Islam and Christianity, and their chief prophets condoned slavery.

Is hope faint that one day we’ll abide peaceably?

Do the Bible and Qur’an prescribe killing for heresy and apostasy? If a Qur’an is burned, can’t Allah exact the death penalty?

We never see atheist suicide bombers; can logic set us free or will the 21st century Dark Age erupt into a Third World War? Should we trust church-state lies or our dubious reasoning power and our lying eyes?

R. Frankow,

Port Alberni