Lose weight the right way not the quick way

Did you resolve to lose weight this New Year's but find your enthusiasm lagging right about now?

With New Year’s resolution time a distant memory for some, the real challenge has begun for those who signed up for gym memberships.

This is  when the committed individuals who want sustainable lifestyle changes will stay the course and maintain the exercise and healthy eating long term.

Recent evidence suggests that lifting lighter weights more often (to the point of fatigue) will build new muscle protein and is more effective at maintaining body tone with less risk of injury, especially for those individuals who may be novices to weight training.

In Port Alberni, there are many ways to get active in the winter months with various skill level programs.

Echo Centre recreation facility and private gyms offer activities such as yoga, pilates, bootcamps, chair fit, Nordic walking, swimming and personal trainers.

With the range of programs such as badminton, basketball, hockey and gymnastics, there’s no mistake why this town is known as ‘Sports Alberni’ to many.

In addition, there’s plenty of outdoor activities including; hiking, climbing, biking, along with watersports, such as kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving to get your heart pumping.

For the more adventure seeking individuals, look forward to activities that utilize the summer thermal winds, such as paragliding, sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding to give you that adrenaline rush.

Get moving, and you may motivate others around you to try to keep up with your activity.

This momentum will help to increase everyone’s well-being and support the health of our beautiful community from the inside out.

– Sandra Gentleman is a registered dietitian with the Vancouver Island Health Authority.