No confidence in war edict

No exit strategy for war against ISIS, says letter writer.

To the Editor,

On May 2, against the backdrop of CF-18 fighter jets and a huge Canadian flag, our Prime Minister had these words for Canadian Forces stationed in Kuwait: “You stand on guard between the civilization we enjoy, and the savagery that seeks to come to our shores”.

The PM’s words may have been taken directly from “Idiotic Quotes From A Resident Of The Village Of Crawford, Texas”. Its author, former American president George W. Bush, had no exit plan when he sent his country to war in the Iraq Attack of 2003, based on Saddam Hussein’s non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction being a world-wide threat to what Dubya liked to call “the civilized world”.

Likewise, our PM had no exit strategy when he committed Canada in the War Against ISIS, but his fleeting visit to Iraq and Kuwait was well documented by photographers and videographers. Their work, courtesy of Canadian taxpayers, will doubtlessly be showcased into Conservative Party election campaign advertisements; to be repeated ad nauseam during the next few months.

Another revelation on the clandestine cloak-and-dagger trip to the Middle East, came when the Chief Of Defence Staff was asked to comment on Judge Marie Deschamps’ Military Sexual Misconduct Report. His response was the exact opposite to what he gave only a year ago; as General Tom Lawson is slated to leave his position very soon, maybe we can expect someone with such a trained forked tongue to fit nicely into Ottawa’s political elite.

Bernie Smith,