OPINION: We asked you if you support drag racing on Stamp Avenue

City of Port Alberni held second straight event on main drag

OPINION: We asked you if you support drag racing on Stamp Avenue

Reaction to this week’s webpoll question has been swift: do you support the idea of hosting Thunder in the Valley drag racing on Stamp Avenue for a third year?

Here is a small selection of the more than 100 comments we had received before our print edition went to press.


The races are always fun and exciting.. Rubber, gas and speed, three days are all worth it.

El Broekman

No, it’s not the place for it. And what’s one weekend you say? Well to someone with PTSD, anxiety or who is autistic and lives close by, it’s a continuous hell that you cannot escape. Personally I can’t stand the noise so I am forced to leave my home during drag hours. Also would have been nice if they updated their Facebook or website with the event times.

Elaine McLeod

I think it would be better at the airport but I would hate to see it cancelled.

Michele Buick

They need a permanent location—one long enough for quarter mile plus funny cars—somewhere away from residential areas.

Sam Brownlee

Yes yes yes. It is great fun to have the drags in town where you can get to attend or hear the roar of the tires. Three days so car lovers can enjoy. Great location. Lots of ways for people to detour . It is only three days. I just love it that Port Alberni is starting to be a fun place: planes, trains and auto races in town. Can’t find anything better than this.

Debra Towns

Not the right place … to much noise and smoke in town…

Gordon Randall

(Owner/ partner, Ozzie’s Cycle)

No way. I go every year and while I appreciate the effort put out to keep the event going, Stamp Avenue just does not compare at all for spectators. As someone who likes to film at all events it’s basically impossible to film at Stamp Avenue with the low bleachers and 30 feet from fence rule.

Logan Styfunyk

No! Since Stamp Avenue is the main artery between north and south.

Donna Lucas

I say what ever brings tourists/ money/ family events to PA, DO IT !!!! Sure no one likes detours but it’s two days.

Michelle Fines

Best case scenario would be to build a quarter-mile track! Be the only one on the Island again, but as always in this town too little too late as Campbell River is gearing up for a one-eighth-mile permanent track so we will lose our weekend.

Mark Coffill

I had tourists asking me about the drags when I was in Nanaimo, great location and attraction!

Robert Lee Ostwald

Absolutely not. What a pain. Should be somewhere else not in town. Traffic becomes a nightmare. I was driving home and had to go rogers street way and traffic is backed up because if you can believe during all of this there is a train going thorough. So then people are stuck in the intersection when the light turns red.

Tina Scales

I wasn’t on board at first but I enjoy hearing the event all through the town. It keeps people coming here and supporting local businesses with the traffic from out of town. One weekend will not hurt anyone. Try living in Vancouver where detours take an hour sometimes!

Lacey Frazer

If that’s where it has to be, then it must be. Our community benefits a great deal from this traditional event. Thunder in the Valley is a huge undertaking and has many amazing volunteers and supports, from all over.

Erika Netzer McLeod

No, just causes too much traffic headaches, put it back out at the airport.

Joey Amos

I would support it but I think the airport would attract bigger better cars!

Paulette Gauthier Shoemaker Saulnier