Our freedom, their fight

Reader ponders war, sacrifice and the duty of citizens.

To the Editor,

As we are nearing election day we are also coming closer to Remembrance Day. This will be a sadder day for me this year because a friend of mine lost her son in a cowardly suicide attack in Afghanistan.

Yes, he was a soldier, over there where it seems no one appreciates us fighting their fight.

And while at the same time we are preaching to them how to treat women we are listening to ads during a football game telling us how to deal with our own issues of violence against women.

Sad that in our country where we all can be proud of living we all can’t be safe.

Violence against women is also a cowardly act.

So while she lost her son, others lost a friend, his wife her husband, their kids a dad, all so others can move closer to the ideal of democracy.

We have the freedom here to say what we think.

We have the right to elect our governments.

And while there are times I wish my ballot gave me a ‘none of the above’ choice, I at the very least exercise my right to vote. As we all should.

Bearing in mind that someone, somewhere, sometime, died for us so we may have choice.

Ruth John,

Port Alberni