Power play unnecessary

Reader has designs he wants to produce in Alberni. One is for an electric vehicle, and the other is for producing electrical power

To the Editor,

I have a couple of designs that I wish to produce here in the Alberni Valley.

One is for the electric vehicle, and the other is for producing electrical power. Both of these designs will not pollute our environment. All the time since I moved here from Ontario, it has been made clear how important people take living here. How nice and clear everything is.

But I am amazed that these same people who are so passionate about keeping it clear are doing the most damage.

I notice how well these same people take care of their modes of transportation. I wonder how much they spend on auto maintenance in a year.

I have designed a way of producing electrical power that is cheap and does little harm to the environment. I wrote to the engineer in charge of building the new dam on the Peace River and offered to sell the power to BC Hydro for $3 per mega watt minute. This new dam is expected to cost taxpayers $8 billion today. The real cost will be closer to $14 billion.

I have been part of this type of project before, and not one of the projects was ever completed for less than double the cost.

That will mean the average family now paying $70 a month can expect to pay $210 per month for the same power when the dam is finished.

And what will this mean for the 1,100 mega watts this is expected to produce for Fort St. John in northern B.C.? The families who are just getting by in the private sector that haven’t had a raise in 10 years? I believe they will end up at the food banks more and more.

I have done some cost projections for my design that can produce the same power as the project on the Peace River, for less then $75,000 per mega watt. I will be building just such a plant here in the Alberni Valley as part of the complex that I will be building to provide for my building needs with cheap power.

This will be a large advantage over my competition.

I figure that I’ll need somewhere between 2,000 and 4,000 mega watts of power all day, every day.

Terry Short,

Port Alberni