We need to scan the business plan

To the Editor,

On June 2 a public meeting was held with Compliance Coal Corp. CEO John Tapics and environmental review officials from the government.

The latter seemed to be determined to emphasize two things: one that scientific data about Port Alberni is far too technical for us peons to understand, and that the company had not finalized its business plan.

Actually the reverse order would have been better, to bring us the plan first. Or better yet to explain why we are even talking about the craziest proposal ever brought before our city.

Tapics makes me think of a line from the movie The Godfather, where the son relates that his father made a producer ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse.’

More particularly this plan could have legs if our new premier thinks she needs a gimmick to pay for all those election promises. But how likely is that?

The coal mine and coal port project truly has everything: we have the chance to poison the air, land and sea from Fanny Bay to Tofino.

Considering that the Alberni Valley forms a thermal inversion zone and given the reality of climate change, the plan should be already be ruled out. Fine airborne particulate matter and noxious gasses linger in a TIZ.

I came across some well-argued remarks by one Jim Irvine who wrote that his family had coal in the basement, something I recall myself. But Mr. Irvine, the ‘60s called and they want their ideas back.

It might help if we had some patience and allowed city hall to keep on keeping on. If we continue to press them for miracles, they will continue to waste time on dumb notions.

Colin Frazer,

Port Alberni