Workers must adjust attitudes

There is no such a thing as job security anymore so an attitude adjustment is in order, one reader says.

To the Editor,

A change must come forward in the attitudes of the working people.

There are four major items in order of importance when it comes to a job.  First, is the working conditions, second, is your supervisor, third is your job security.

But remember there is no such thing as job security. Job security only exists when the employer has to hire a replacement if you leave your job. If no replacement has to be hired, then it wasn’t really a secure job.

Fourth, finally, is your wage. Now with these four major items, you can go to work happy and enjoy doing your work.

Now look at the opposite workforce that work for $30-plus per hour and just hate going to work because they have lousy working conditions and an unlikable supervisor.

Remember that if you walk out of the doctor’s office with a terminal disease, writing a cheque from that $30 per hour job will not save your life.

Two important things to note. The race in life is a long one, but it is only with yourself. Your chances in life are only half mast, but so are everyone else’s.

Now wouldn’t it be a better world if Jim Sinclair would start thinking this way and be the first one to change his attitude for the better?

Joe Sawchuk,

Duncan, B.C.