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Patronage makes writer see red in time for Canada Day

A trip to the doctor for blood pressure medication no match for hearing the news that Gordon Campbell will receive sweet overseas appointment.

Taxpayers footing unfair bill for proposed HST

To the Editor, Many are concerned about having to payback the 1.6 billion dollars should we vote to extinguish the HST.

Tourism sector supports HST with new reduction

It’s no secret that the tourism industry in B.C. has struggled with how to respond to the harmonized sales tax.

DR. NEILL: How to max out your family vacation with a smile on your face

Laughter is the best medicine when it comes to enjoying your vacation.

HEALTHY LIVING: Topping up your fluids in summer's heat

Summer’s here and living in the Alberni Valley, the hotspot of Vancouver Island brings a multitude of outdoor activity and recreational fun. Our amazing land and water trails provide ample opportunity to get out and play with friends and family. So it's even more important to stay hydrated in the summer heat.
B.C. VIEWS: Asia-Pacific project marches on

B.C. VIEWS: Asia-Pacific project marches on

After meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Premier Christy Clark delivered a luncheon speech to the Economic Club of Toronto. Her big talking point was the rise of the Asia-Pacific region.

EDITORIAL: Canada's flag beloved

It's hard to believe Canada's flag, the Maple Leaf, was the subject of contentious and divisive debate before it was adopted in 1965 to replace the venerable Red Ensign.

In case of hockey riots, don't reward bad behaviour

To the Editor, Re: Vancouver hockey riots. This is a comment that I wrote in response to a column written by Michael Den Tandt about the recent Vancouver hockey riots.

CUPW missing the point and losing customers because of it

To the Editor, For most people, livery stables and blacksmiths became less important to the function of daily life after automobiles replaced horses as the predominant choice for personal travel.
Student art a bright spot in uptown Port Alberni

Student art a bright spot in uptown Port Alberni

To the Editor, I just had to take this moment to send big kudos to Mrs. Ostwald and her Grade 12 art class for making such a wonderful contribution to the uniqueness of Port Alberni.