Janna Hiltz of Wood Elementary, top, tries to pin Kelly Sam of Alberni Elementary during the annual elementary school wrestling tourney, Friday, Nov. 1 at ADSS. Hiltz won the match.                                 SUSAN QUINN/Alberni Valley News

Janna Hiltz of Wood Elementary, top, tries to pin Kelly Sam of Alberni Elementary during the annual elementary school wrestling tourney, Friday, Nov. 1 at ADSS. Hiltz won the match. SUSAN QUINN/Alberni Valley News

École Alberni wins annual elementary school wrestling tourney

Nearly 200 participants compete in four-hour whirlwind event at ADSS

Nearly 200 elementary-aged students participated in the annual Elementary Wrestling Tournament held Friday, Nov. 1 at the Alberni District Secondary School gym. All matches were completed in four hours.

École Alberni Elementary won the team trophy for the second straight year, under the tutelage of teacher Maureen Miller.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the fantastic job my community did today,” Alberni Wrestling’s James Messenger posted on social media. “All the volunteers did an amazing job.”

The tournament featured participants from all School District 70 elementary schools as well as those from Haa-huu-payak, John Paul II and École des grand-cedres francophone school in the Alberni Valley, and Ucluelet Elementary School from the West Coast.

The tournament also featured several Alberni Wrestling alumni who have returned to coach, Messenger said. Wood Elementary’s team was coached by ADSS graduates Daley Forbes (Hesquiaht) and William Merry (Tseshaht First Nation), and John Howitt’s team coached by Isaac McDonald.

Recent grad Mackenzie Boudreau was also on the sidelines for the Howitt wrestlers.

“The number of alumni helping out and coaching or just watching and cheering on their kids was amazing. It truly brings home the impact of this program.”

Members of the ADSS Armada Wrestling Team set up the event, refereed matches and took down equipment following the event, Messenger said.

Port Alberni Olympic wrestler Travis Cross, whose sons are now school-aged wrestlers, was also involved in the tournament.

Male – M1 (21-24)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Tucker Udell of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Percy Udell of Ucluelet

• 3rd Place – Aiden Lumdalen of Haahuupayak

• 4th Place – Mohan Mann of Neill

Male – M2 (25-26)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Momo Parsanishi of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Lucas Huysman of Neill

• 3rd Place – Justice Clarke of EJ Dunn

• 4th Place – Sebastian Thomas Joe of Haahuupayak

• 5th Place – Levi Holmquist of Neill

Male – M3 (26-27)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Nolan Cross of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Josh Oulette of EJ Dunn

• 3rd Place – Cameron Johnson of Howitt

• 4th Place – Lex Manna of Alberni

• 5th Place – Terry Sieber of Haahuupayak

Male – M4 (28-29)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Jacob Hillman of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Kane Olsen of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Elliott Warman of St. John Paul II

• 4th Place – Blake Swann of Ucluelet

• 5th Place – Austin Brooks Good-Murphy of Howitt

• 6th Place – Dean Gallic of Haahuupayak

Male – M5 (29-31)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Max Decary of Howitt

• 2nd Place – David Chandler of Alberni

• 3rd Place – Izaiah Geddes of Wood

• 4th Place – Jackson Price of Neill

• 5th Place – Cody Cooper of St. John Paul II

• 6th Place – Finn Aasen of Alberni

Male – M6 (31-32)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Rain Olsen of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Kodi Fong of Wood

• 3rd Place – Marcus Newton of Alberni

• 4th Place – Eric Clark of Neill

• 5th Place – Eddie Thomas of EJ Dunn

• 6th Place – Rolando Antuna of Alberni

Male – M7 (32-35)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Wyatt Rhodes of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Kolten Brown of Wood

• 3rd Place – Hunter Brown of Neill

• 4th Place – Aiden Ball of Alberni

• 5th Place – richard bezanson of Wood

• 6th Place – Coulson Jaworski of Howitt

Male – M8 (32-35)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Aiden Daumont of Neill

• 2nd Place – Ethan Green of Wood

• 3rd Place – Walter Titian of Alberni

• 4th Place – Jason Samuel of Neill

• 5th Place – Ryder Sieber of Haahuupayak

• 6th Place – Rory Garcia of Ucluelet

Male – M9 (35-37)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Mason Midlane of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Gavin Fong of Howitt

• 3rd Place – Lochlan Haak of Neill

• 4th Place – Isaiah Scott of St. John Paul II

• 5th Place – Daxten Swanson of Neill

• 6th Place – Vinson Campbell-Frank of Haahuupayak

Male – M10 (38-40)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Grady Miller of Alberni

• 2nd Place – James Lamb of Howitt

• 3rd Place – Landon Langlois of St. John Paul II

• 4th Place – Liam McConnell of Alberni

• 5th Place – Carson Croteau of Wood

• 6th Place – Ethan Brown of Neill

Male – M11 (40-41)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Griffin Hammond of St. John Paul II

• 2nd Place – Nelson Allatt-Miles of Alberni

• 3rd Place – Aiden Chen of Neill

• 4th Place – Bode Amos of Neill

• 5th Place – Angus Sohier of Ucluelet

• 6th Place – Kale Mollon of Howitt

Male – M12 (42-45)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Ryan Salmon of Neill

• 2nd Place – Johnny Sorensen of Haahuupayak

• 3rd Place – John Marlow of Maquinna

• 4th Place – Kymani Lauder of St. John Paul II

• 5th Place – Isaac Eby of Maquinna

• 6th Place – Leland Fred of Haahuupayak

Male – M13 (45-46)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Tanner Evans of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Simon Hillerby of Ucluelet

• 3rd Place – Charles Besse of Maquinna

• 4th Place – Elias Brandon of EJ Dunn

Male – M14 (50-51)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Tyson Moyen of Howitt

• 2nd Place – Eddie Carrnige of Neill

• 3rd Place – Mikko Leiviska of Ucluelet

• 4th Place – Andrew Little of Alberni

• 5th Place – Julian August of Haahuupayak

Male 6-7 – M15 (30-32)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Tyson Rhodes of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Carter Swann of Ucluelet

• 3rd Place – Caleb Midlane of Ucluelet

• 4th Place – Raymond Chaley of Maquinna

Male 6-7 – M16 (35-37)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Josh Hillman of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Owen Mahovlic of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Rowan Abel-Copithorne of Alberni

• 4th Place – Billal Hussein of EJ Dunn

• 5th Place – Christian Manson of Haahuupayak

Male 6-7 – M17 (38-41)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Oliver See of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Jayden Miguez of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Koen LeFevre of Ucluelet

• 4th Place – Leif Aasen of Alberni

• 5th Place – Keiran Veilleux of St. John Paul II

Male 6-7 – M18 (43-47)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Aidan Swann of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Joshua Knudsen of St. John Paul II

• 3rd Place – Linden Higgens of Howitt

• 4th Place – Chance Fred of Haahuupayak

• 5th Place – Brody Evans of Maquinna

• 6th Place – Linden Lucas of Alberni

Male 6-7 – M19 (50-54)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Nathan Zvonar of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Alex Bielert of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Rob Jackson of Alberni

• 4th Place – Flynn Engstrom of Howitt

• 5th Place – Kaden Thompson of EJ Dunn

Male 6-7 – M20 (55-58)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Trey Ball of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Sam Batt of Alberni

• 3rd Place – Baeden Dol of Alberni

• 4th Place – Emerson Bryden of Neill

Male 6-7 – M21 (61-67)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Barry Samuel of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Eddie Fedorchuk of EJ Dunn

• 3rd Place – Ethan Boulianne of Neill

• 4th Place – Kane Hart of Neill

• 5th Place – Connor Shrimpton of Alberni

Male 6-7 – M22 (68-74)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Shayler Fredericks of EJ Dunn

• 2nd Place – Michael Stanley of Wood

• 3rd Place – Jorn Haak of Neill

• 4th Place – Peyton Lucas of Alberni

• 5th Place – Jude Howard of EJ Dunn

Male 6-7 – M23 (76-82)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Jaydin Wilson of Alberni

2nd Place – Zack Bysteat of Maquinna

Male 6-7 – M24 (87-93)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Luis Delgado of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Jasper Lauren of Wood

Female – F1 (23-27)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Isla Loiselle of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Bella Grin of EJ Dunn

• 3rd Place – Nadine Paul of Howitt

• 4th Place – Scarlett Wertz of Ucluelet

• 5th Place – Brooklyn Shaw of Maquinna

Female – F2 (28-31)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Sequoia Martin of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Payal Lal of Wood

• 3rd Place – Kamryn Mallon of Neill

• 4th Place – Heather Ramsay of Alberni

• 5th Place – Sophia Burton- McCarthy of Alberni

• 6th Place – Devon Johnson of Wood

Female – F3 (31-34)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Savannah LeFevre of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Kendra Mcdonell of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Avery Mancini of Ucluelet

• 4th Place – Sejal Golemba of Alberni

• 5th Place – Scarlett Hunt of Alberni

• 6th Place – Isla Duncan of Ucluelet

Female – F4 (35-36)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Larissa August of Neill

• 2nd Place – Brooklyn Eyford of Wood

• 3rd Place – Rhianna Rush of EJ Dunn

• 4th Place – Aurora Irlam of Alberni

• 5th Place – Shaniel Titian of EJ Dunn

• 6th Place – Saryta Dick of Alberni

Female – F5 (37-38)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Ella Mahovlic of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Victoria Lloyd of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Lillyon Gray of Alberni

• 4th Place – Anna McCool of Howitt

• 5th Place – Emma August of EJ Dunn

• 6th Place – Claira Pascoe of Alberni

Female – F6 (39-44)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Abigail Silvester of Maquinna

• 2nd Place – Latisha Titian of Alberni

• 3rd Place – Maya Alexander of Ecole Des Grands-Cedres

• 4th Place – Charlotte Girard of Wood

• 5th Place – Shyla Brook of Wood

• 6th Place – Jersey Caisley of Howitt

Female – F7 (45-49)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Kenzie Lucas of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Emily Cartlidge of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Parker Martell of St. John Paul II

• 4th Place – Grace Martin of Alberni

• 5th Place – Grace Williams of Wood

Female – F8 (50-53)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Reese Lucas of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Madison Lyons of EJ Dunn

• 3rd Place – Sydney Nookemus of Alberni

• 4th Place – Harlow Strachan of Howitt

Female – F9 (54-59)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Mariella Huebner of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Zoey Bagnell of Wood

• 3rd Place – Precious Martin of Maquinna

• 4th Place – Carrie Atleo of Howitt

• 5th Place – Mihlea Charleson of EJ Dunn

Female 6-7 – F10 (26-34)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Fiona Wertz of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Jordyn George of Alberni

• 3rd Place – Madison Brooks Good-Murphy of Howitt

Female 6-7 – F11 (37-40)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Danika Currie of Neill

• 2nd Place – Naya Girard of Wood

• 3rd Place – Ellie Doherty of Wood

• 4th Place – Autumn Huysman of Neill

Female 6-7 – F12 (41-45)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Kelly Sam of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Safyre Either of Maquinna

• 3rd Place – Janna Hiltz of Wood

• 4th Place – Alicia Michael of Maquinna

Female 6-7 – F13 (47-51)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – McKenzie Moore of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Summer Siermacheski of Howitt

• 3rd Place – Kiana Gatenby of EJ Dunn

• 4th Place – Chyyah Rampanen of Haahuupayak

Female 6-7 – F14 (53)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Amethyst Knoblauch of Alberni

• 2nd Place – Zoey Leclerc of Wood

• 3rd Place – Julia Paul of Howitt

Female 6-7 – F15 (56-64)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Caitlyn Midlane of Ucluelet

• 2nd Place – Camryn Blake of Howitt

• 3rd Place – Emma Guzman of Haahuupayak

• 4th Place – Gemini Isaac of Alberni

Female 6-7 – F16 (66-69)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Emma Guzman of Haahuupayak

• 2nd Place – Cydney Gagnon of Neill

Female 6-7 – F17 (108)

Guaranteed Places

• 1st Place – Zoey Cootes of EJ Dunn

Team Standings

• Alberni 298

• Maquinna 171

• Neill 154

• Ucluelet 150

• Wood 122

• Howitt 104

• EJ Dunn 73

• John Paul II 70

• Haahuupayak 45

• E’cole Des Grandes-Cedres 9

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