Shauna McAllister of Jupiter Jill brings her alt rock sound to the Rainbow Room this Friday

Jupiter Jill hits rainbow

A growing legion of “sound warriors” is mesmerized by Nanaimo's Jupiter Jill's alt-rock-meets-space-cowboy sound.

If PJ Harvey, Annie Lennox, Patsy Cline and Joan Jett were to board a spaceship and head to an alternate universe, they would likely come back to Earth as Jupiter Jill.

That’s the way transplanted prairie girl Shauna McAllister describes her band, Jupiter Jill. And a growing legion of “sound warriors” is mesmerized by her alt-rock-meets-space-cowboy sound. McAllister, now based in Nanaimo, plays The Rainbow Room in Port Alberni this Friday, July 27.

McAllister has been playing music since she was five years old. Her musical inspiration back then was a toy glockenspiel; it still runs eclectic today, as she told a Shaw TV host she looks to Jack White (White Stripes) and The Pixies as her adult muses.

White’s influence is heard in the beat from McAllister’s acoustic guitar, while one can hear Jett’s throaty power in songs like Super Robot Girl or Gasoline. Team her up with bandmates Mathew Falvai (electric guitar), Dave Lawson (sax), Andrew Kent (drums and Korg), Anatol Mcginnis (bass, violin and cello), Ross Hembling (drums) and Scott Macleod (bass) and you’ve got a winner.

Jupiter Jill hits the stage at 10 p.m. Admission is $7 at the door. For more info, check out the Rainbow Room on the web at

For a sample of Jupiter Jill’s sound, check out McAllister at