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Uke’s Misbehavin’ to lead jazz ukulele workshop and concert in Port Alberni

Premier jazz ukulele trio taking Vancouver Island by storm
Uke’s Misbehavin’ is the Island’s premier jazz ukulele trio. They will be hosting a workshop and concert at Char’s Landing on May 27, 2023. (PHOTO COURTESY GWEN LONG)

Vancouver Island’s premier jazz ukulele trio will be bringing a workshop and concert to Char’s Landing in Port Alberni.

Uke’s Misbehavin’ has been taking the Island by storm, smashing down barriers with their talented renditions of some much-loved, toe-tapping swinging jazz classics, as well as a few contemporary memories, all on ukulele.

The trio consists of three lead vocalists with years of experience in jazz, swing, blues, bluegrass, folk and country, all culminating to create a distinctive stellar swing sound that is uniquely all their own.

Bryon Thompson on baritone ukulele obtained his jazz diploma at Malaspina College and his music education degree at the University of Victoria. Clayton Long on tenor ukulele cut his teeth in a prominent bluegrass trio before turning to jazz. Freda Eckstein, on bass and tenor ukulele, went from playing upright bass for 30 years to falling in love with the ukulele bass.

Together as Uke’s Misbehavin’ these three will share with you their love of swing music and jazz harmonies through their combined talents.

They will host a swing/jazz workshop at Char’s Landing on Saturday, May 27 starting at 4:30 p.m. and running until 6 p.m. This workshop will introduce participants to some colourful, easy-to-play jazz chord voicings on the ukulele. Easy-to-learn swing rhythms will add a whole new dimension to your playing. See how scales, chords, rhythm and harmonies can add sparkle to your repertoire.

After the workshop, Uke’s Misbehavin’ will perform a concert to show what this small but mighty instrument can do in the hands of seasoned professionals. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are available at or by calling or texting Char at 250-730-1636.