Rugged beauty surrounds Bamfield

Immerse yourself in the West Coast with a visit to the tiny outpost of Bamfield

Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of the West Coast with a visit to the tiny outpost of Bamfield.

With a permanent population of about 500, Bamfield attracts thousands of visitors – for some it’s the beginning or end of their six-day West Coast Trail trek, while for others it’s the perfect jumping off point for ocean adventures. A remarkably picturesque community where the main street is a waterway served by water taxi, Bamfield offers thrilling year-round fishing adventures, kayaking, scuba diving and whale watching. Check out the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, a stellar local attraction with programs and hands-on displays, and visit the galleries and studios of acclaimed local artists inspired by the splendid scenery. Scenic hiking spots include trails to Brady’s Beach, Cape Beale, Pachena Lighthouse, Keeha Beach and Tapaltos Beach. Need more ideas? Inquire in town for more local favourites.

Although accessible by gravel-surfaced road from both the Port Alberni and Lake Cowichan areas, Bamfield is most easily reached by floatplane or the MV Lady Rose from Port Alberni. Local resorts offer vacation packages with accommodation, meals and guided adventures, plus fish care and packaging.

Any questions while in town? The staff at any of the Bamfield businesses would be pleased to help or, during July and August, stop by either of two info centres, on the east side in Centennial Park or on the west side on the Bamfield Boardwalk. Or, visit