John Douglas will be running for mayor in the 2018 October election. SUBMITTED PHOTO

John Douglas will be running for mayor in the 2018 October election. SUBMITTED PHOTO

John Douglas looks forward to a “healthier” Port Alberni

Douglas has resigned from his position at the Port Alberni Shelter Society to run for mayor

John Douglas, former mayor of Port Alberni and current mayoral candidate, has resigned from his position as special projects coordinator for the Port Alberni Shelter Society in order to focus on his campaign for the upcoming election.

“I have done this in order to be completely available, and completely committed to a mayoral candidacy in the upcoming City of Port Alberni election,” said Douglas in a release.

Although he was not re-elected in November 2014, Douglas said he has been “extremely fortunate” in engaging with various people in the city and region.

“I was able to benefit tremendously from being involved in international education initiatives, and in local First Nation initiatives, from both of which I learned a great deal,” he said. “My time with local non-profit organizations, particularly the Shelter Society, has been extremely beneficial, and has given me the opportunity of creating several large-budget projects which have brought services, jobs and tax savings to our community.”

The past four years have been a time of reflection for Douglas, who has had the opportunity to get to know people in the city and develop a new respect for working together and developing new ideas for a more dynamic, healthy future.

“It has given me the wonderful opportunity to see first hand our many challenges in health, our lack of health services, challenges in our large and small businesses, and in our senior and low income housing needs,” he added.

He also says he has learned from the mistakes made by the current council.

Overall, Douglas says he is looking forward to being “completely available and committed” for the election on October 20.

“I am very fortunate in that, having retired from my profession in health care as a Paramedic, and having a family that has now reached adulthood, I can afford to devote myself solely to our local issues,” he said.

“I hope our community will ask me to represent them as their mayor.”

Douglas is one of five mayoral candidates who have declared their intent to run. The list also includes Mike Ruttan, Sharie Minions, Gary Robertson and Kevin Wright. There are also six people who have said they will be running for council positions.

General voting day in British Columbia will be Saturday, Oct. 20. The official nomination period doesn’t open until 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 4, and will close at 4 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 14.

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