Breakwater may be towed in place on Thursday

The floating breakwater destined for Port Alberni's Fisherman's Wharf should be towed into place this Thursday, June 21.

The Port Alberni Port Authority estimates the floating breakwater destined for Fisherman’s Wharf will be towed into place this Thursday, June 21 between 7–10 a.m. It will be installed off the end of Argyle Pier at Harbour Quay.

“There are terrific vantage points to view the tow from the Maritime Discover Centre & Lighthouse, Harbour Quay park, Harbour Quay walking pier and walkway and Harbour Quay Clocktower,” said Dave McCormick, manager of property and community relations for the port authority.

The port authority cannot provide public access within Port Alberni Terminals or the port authority office, McCormick added. The schedule is also subject to change.

Over the next week, crews will work on connecting the breakwater to the pilings and installing a ramp from the breakwater to Argyle Pier. Other safety-related finishing work must also be completed before the pier can be open to the public, he added.