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ELECTION 2022: Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District elections set for three areas

Read brief profiles and platforms of all ACRD candidates for Areas D, E and F
The Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District office is located in Port Alberni. NEWS FILE PHOTO

Seven candidates are running for three vacant seats on the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District board. Candidates in Cherry Creek, Sproat Lake and Beaver Creek were offered an opportunity to run a brief profile and photo in the Oct. 5, 2022 issue of the Alberni Valley News. Candidates are listed alphabetically in their respective areas.

An all-candidates meeting for ACRD and school district trustee candidates was held Oct. 4.

Advance voting takes place Oct. 5 and Oct. 12 in the Alberni Valley. For more information on where and how to vote, go online to the ACRD website at



(Area D – Sproat Lake)

Friends and neighbours, together, we have an opportunity to lower ACRD taxes, better protect the environment, and enhance safety in our neighbourhoods.

I’ve served as a first responder and firefighter at Sproat Lake for more than 20 years and as the regional director from 1999 to 2005. Recent local government decisions like the proposed rezoning bylaw don’t reflect the long-term interests of our many unique neighbourhoods. Sproat Lake taxpayers have been used to fund regional district and City of Port Alberni initiatives— above our community needs, interests and priorities. With your vote, we can change that.


(Area D – Sproat Lake)

Penny Cote is incumbent ACRD electoral area director for Sproat Lake and elected by her peers, as president of the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities and Union of BC Municipalities executive board member. She helped guide advocacy with the province regarding important issues like doctor and nurse shortages and hospital potential closures. Penny supports health, lifestyle, and environmental issues. Working closely with Sproat Lake parks, SLVFD and the SL Community Association gaining ACRD grants for renovations of the community hall, deck and multi-use courts, trail expansions, fire hall renos, supporting community forestry management, housing and wind and high-water weather events strategies.


(Area D – Sproat Lake)

My name is Heather Powell (MacDonald) and I am a business owner and entrepreneur. My formal education is in environmental science, business finance and administration. I am running for Area director for Sproat Lake. New ideas, strong leadership for Sproat Lake, Great Central Lake and the Alberni Valley.

I believe in clean water, clean air, freedom to enjoy your property while creating a vibrant economy and community; working to improve services, address tax concerns, support our fire hall and keep our Laker lifestyle. I will listen to you and advocate for positive changes in our community.


(Area E – Beaver Creek)

Beaver Creek has been my home for 33 years. I want to protect our less-rules-more-freedom way of life and ensure property owners can enjoy their land in the best possible ways.

Zoning bylaws regulate how property can be used. Recently, elected officials disagreed about changes to the bylaw. The ACRD has one zoning bylaw and all land must fit within it. Some recommendations go against Beaver Creek’s values.

If elected, my priority is to create a separate zoning bylaw for Beaver Creek. We already have our own Official Community Plan. We need a bylaw that complements our unique rural way of life.


(Area E – Beaver Creek)

I am Cindy Solda, and I am a candidate running for ACRD director for Beaver Creek. I grew up in Beaver Creek from the 1960s through to the early 1980s. My husband’s family also had a home in Beaver Creek. I lived in the city for over three decades, but feel that I am doing a full circle in life after moving back to Beaver Creek to live in 2021, although I still own two properties in the city.

I am running to be your Beaver Creek director because I can demonstrate that I have the experience and leadership skills necessary to do the job. I believe in a sense of community, and that we should work together as best as we can for the betterment of our community. I am aware of some of the issues that are top of mind for many Beaver Creek residents, so let’s talk about those. I am willing to listen and to participate in constructive dialogue.


(Area F – Cherry Creek)

Vote DeLuca to keep it rural. As candidate for Cherry Creek director, I will work to fund a new community fire hall, to maintain and upgrade our water system, and will protect Cherry Creek taxpayers while getting the Alberni Valley Aquatic Center to YES.

I will vote against the adoption of the new bylaws encumbered with too much red tape, and will push for service delivery timelines that meet the needs of property owners. I believe it’s important to live in Cherry Creek if you want to represent Cherry Creek.


(Area F – Cherry Creek)

Cherry Creek is an incredible community where I have watched my family and my desire for this area grow. I have been fortunate enough to meet the many great people who live here; I’ve served 30 years as a volunteer firefighter and 12 as chief for Cherry Creek Fire Department.

I will bring fiscal responsibility, hands-on technical expertise, and the philosophy and independence of the community to the role of regional director. I understand the systems and processes that make Cherry Creek what it is and I will devote my time to ensuring the people and the community thrive.

Susie Quinn

About the Author: Susie Quinn

A journalist since 1987, I proudly serve as the Alberni Valley News editor.
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