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Puppies rescued from house fire

Two puppies rescued from a house fire by the Port Alberni Fire Dept. were having trouble breathing, so the firefighters helped them out.
A firefighter gets ready to apply an oxygen mask to recently rescued chihuahua puppy.

When a house fire broke out on River Road today (Aug. 19), all of the people in the house were able to get out.

The animal members of the household however, needed a little bit of help. So, after rescuing the two chihuahua puppies the firefighters hooked them up to some recently donated oxygen masks. The recently donated masks come in three sizes, perfect for any pet.

Port Alberni firefighters get ready to apply an oxygen mask to a recently rescued puppy.

Photo Courtesy Port Alberni Fire Department

"The puppies inhaled quite a bit of smoke so they were sucking up the oxygen," said fire Chief Tim Pley.

The puppies were hiding upstairs behind an upright mattress.

Watch Mushu and Mulan get some much needed oxygen below. Video courtesy of the Port Alberni Fire Department. Unmute the video for sound.