Joseph Alfred Beauregard

June 8, 1924 – March 7, 2021
It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of Joseph Alfred Beauregard on March 7, 2021, in Port Alberni, BC. Known as Al, Dad, and Grandpa, to friends and family who love him dearly.
Al had a passion for gardening and worked hard providing well for his family. He built three homes, and helped with numerous projects at the homes of his children. Al took his family on many vacations to the beach and every few years to see family in Saskatchewan. He will be greatly missed and memories of him and his love and caring will be cherished.
Al was born on June 8, 1924 in Eldred, Saskatchewan to Oscar Beauregard and Antionette Beauregard (nee Dube). He came to Port Alberni by train as a boy with his younger brother. He and his brother lived with and were cared for by Elisie and Anna Vallee. At the age of 19 he met the love of his life, his Judy, Julia Elizabeth Theresa Burton. They married and together raised a family. They were together for just over 60 years before she passed.
One of Al’s first jobs was when he was about 14. He asked a man who was roofing a building if he could have a job. The man gave him a job climbing up and down a ladder, bringing the shingles up to the roof.
When Al was still a teen, he drove a gravel truck and worked on logging road construction on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Al also spent a short time working and living on a farm in Beaver Creek. In the early 1940s he worked at the Historical McLean Mill.
Before he married, Al worked as a tree faller and experienced a serious accident. A tree had fallen and crushed one of his legs. Luckily the doctor was able to save the leg. Close to the wedding date he was still in a cast. He and Judy decided to go ahead with their plans to marry so Al had the cast on for the wedding.
Later, Al drove the delivery truck for Alberni Bakery and went on to be a baker for 7 years. He was self taught as a baker and eventually was Head Baker. Having a growing family, he switched to better paying employment at McMillan Bloedel, Alpulp Division until his retirement. While at the pulp mill, Al worked on the Number One Pulp Machine as Back Tender, Baler, and advanced to Machine Tender.
He completed 38 ½ years of Accident-Free Service and retired on his 65th birthday. Al continued to work on-call at the mill, until age 70, helping out when they couldn’t get the Number One Machine going, as he knew it so well. He wrote pages of instructions on how to make the machine run smoothly and how to fix it. The Number One Machine was finally shut down.
Al is survived by 7 children, Beverley (Donald- deceased), Wayne (Adrienne-deceased), David (Helen-deceased), Valerie (Jeff), Rita, Donna (Paul), Lynn (Wil); 15 grandchildren, Brian, Aimee, (Beverley’s), Daryl, Alan, (Wayne’s), Michael, Mark, Maryanne, Renee, Theresa,(David’s), Greg, Michelle,(Rita’s), Julia, Jonathan, Joshua, (Donna’s), Roxanne (Lynn’s); 16 great grandchildren, William, Jaxson, (Brian’s), Ryan, Jessica, (Aimee’s), Everett, Luc, (Daryl’s) Estella,(Alan’s), Brooke, Owen, (Mark’s), Linnea, Tyson, Marissa, Xander, (Maryanne’s), Gabriel, Levi, (Theresa’s), Berhane (Michelle’s); and one great-great grandchild, Finnley (Linnea’s). Al has a total of 33 grandchildren.
Predeceased by his younger brother Tony Beauregard in the early 80s, by his wife Judy in 2005, by great granddaughter Savana Todosichuk in 2013, by daughter-in-law Helen Beauregard (nee Hrynewich) in 2017, and more recently by son-in-law Donald Stewart, and daughter-in-law Adrienne Beauregard (nee Fournier), both in 2020.

Notes from Al’s children:
Beverley: A tribute to my Father
Dad was always there, never judgemental, always ready to help. I never once heard him say a bad thing about anyone. He was what I call solid. An anchor. That presence that you knew you could count on through all the storms and challenges of life. He was always there. Looking back, I realise that he inspired me in my choice of career more than I had realized.
I inherited many of his characteristics as well as that same determination and stubbornness to be the best I could be. Self-educated and with three languages he read constantly studying anything of interest to him. I see that strongly in myself and in my own children.
My sweetest memory of so many that warm my heart, was when one special time at a wedding he, a man who did not really care for dancing and who often only danced a few dances with our mother at any function, came across the floor and held out his hand to me.
Love you and miss you dearly Dad, from your first-born Beverley

Wayne: Times were different in Dad’s early years and for a man with only grade six education his accomplishments in life were many! I was only 1-1/2 years old when he and Mom began construction of the brick house on 11th Ave, near the current Fire Hall!
Mom and Dad’s second home (next to the brick house) was where our Dad’s woodworking skills really shown with his own beautifully built kitchen cabinets!
Our father was an amazing Dad who made sure all seven of us were always well cared for!
My favorite Christmas gift (one of many) was the year I received a Meccano Set which I still have after all these years! This gift was a major influence for me later having a forty plus year career in maintenance at McMillan Bloedel, Alberni Pacific Division!
Hugs for you Dad… Hugs for you from your oldest son Wayne!

David: My Dad was always there to help me. When I was little and was sick, he moved my bed to the kitchen window so I could watch the other kids playing outside. When I was in the hospital for surgery at 2 or 3 years old Dad came to see me every day before he went to work. He brought me a little blue and white car. My hospital friend and I would play with it in the hallway. One nurse threw it out the window and Dad went and found it and brought it back. He made me a wooden boat when I was 4 or 5. When it rained, I would float it down the gutter and chase it. So much fun. Dad helped me get my first vehicle, a truck, and later he helped me get a convertible.
Dad taught me how to love and be kind and respect others always. He taught me strength and resilience through tough times, and to have joy and gratitude through it all. I love you Dad.
Love David

Valerie: I have fond memories of Dad and I going to the Home Shows and Rock and Gem Shows, our special time. Dad always loved the scones I made just for him. Love you Dad.

Rita: When I was learning to tie my shoes. Dad saw me struggling and came over and showed me a very easy way to tie my shoes by twisting two loops together and pulling them tight. He spoke very kind and gently and smiled as he watched me finally tie my shoe lace.
One of my favourite times with Dad was our Sunday drives getting coffee to go, driving around town. We used to go to Parksville beach to have lunch after his acupuncture appointments. Dad really enjoyed our picnics in the car looking at the scenery and watching people go by with their dogs. In the evenings Dad would get our chihuahua Chloee (Baby to Dad) to sit and wait for her treat. The look on Dad’s face was priceless, the first time she sat nicely for him. I’m grateful for our time we spent together. You are always in my heart.

Donna: I remember spending time with Dad in his workshop in the basement when I was very young. I loved watching him work there. When he was building the second house I watched as he did many different things. I asked a lot of questions and Dad was always good at explaining what he was doing and why. Through these and many other times, I learned from Dad that I am capable and can do anything. Love you always Dad. I will miss our talks, your smile, and spending time with you. Love Donna.

Lynn: When I was small Dad would share his chocolate malt from the Dairy Queen with me. I still love chocolate malts to this day.
I can still hear Dad’s voice when he gave a lot of his time teaching me to drive. I am glad I could return the favour and drive him around when he needed it. I remember Dad took us on many trips in the camper as a family.
I’m grateful I had that time with you Dad. I’ll miss all our special times together.
Love Lynn

There will be a private church service for close family members only, due to current restrictions. In the future when restrictions are relaxed there will be a celebration of life. In lieu of flowers please donate to any cancer charity.

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