BCHL: aw come on ref

Fan skewers BCHL refs for non-calls in Alberni_Victoria games.

To the Editor,

I, along with other Alberni Valley Bulldogs fans, am disappointed our team didn’t make it past the first round of the playoffs. It wasn’t that Victoria outplayed them—it’s because the officials were unable to call a fair game.

The forwards on Victoria’s top line area skilled players; why do they find it necessary to use their sticks like weapons instead of tools? The spearing, slashing and high-sticking that is part of their game plan is appalling and they should get academy awards for diving and hoping they can draw a penalty. It’s really unsportsmanlike.

There are other diving divas on their team and one of them cost the Bulldogs the seventh game in the third period.

If the officiating in the B.C. Hockey League doesn’t improve, the league will suffer. Fans get tired of missed calls for obvious infractions and favoritism shown to some teams.

In spite of the biased refereeing, our team had an outstanding second half of the season. Going from the bottom to the playoffs is a real accomplishment. We’re proud of our team and proud to be Bulldog fans.

Good luck to the young men who are leaving us and thanks to the team and the coaches for an exciting season that they took to the wire against all odds.

Right now I am a Powell River fan, so go Kings!

Hilda Stern,

Port Alberni