Election call isn’t a burden Alberni

To the editor,

The news headlines are bold and foreboding — something horrible is looming over us.

It is presented as a dark, scary monster that devours little puppies.  It is … an election.

To listen to the news commentators, you’d think it was the biggest disaster to ever befall the fair citizens of Canada.

When did we start to consider our trip to the polls a horrific demand on our precious time instead of a blessed privilege and why?

People in other countries risk death, walk for days, and stand in line for hours for the right to vote.

We complain if we are called to vote when it’s too cold, too hot, holiday time, did it last year, don’t like the candidates, etc.

I’m hoping this time, and ever after, we will be able to boast that 99.9 per cent of us went to the polls.

The rest were on their death bed and are excused.

May it be so.

Barbara Cooper,

Port Alberni