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LETTER: 7 a.m. is too early to start garbage pickup in Port Alberni

City should start after 8 a.m., says someone at beginning of pickup route

To the Editor,

I am one of the first houses that gets garbage picked up at seven o’clock in the morning in Port Alberni. I have become used to the fact that starting this early is really inconvenient. Maybe the city could start working at eight or nine o’clock like the rest of the world?

I have become used to the fact that I must store my garbage in the back of my house and I’m not allowed to put it out the night before, this even though bears are more likely to get into my garbage at the back of my house than down the front.

I find the new system of garbage pick up to be equally if not more frustrating. I think a better system than garbage every other week, and recycling every other week, and organics every single week would be to pick up garbage every week and alternate the other two. Let’s face it: they all stink if left for two weeks, but especially garbage.

I pay for the garbage pickup in the city and I often have to take bags to the dump. I think the town would improve greatly if people who are civil servants finally realize that they are there to serve the public.

Cathy McLean,

Port Alberni