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LETTER: Acts of generosity, kindness restore woman’s faith in humanity

Port Alberni resident said anonymous helpers made her day

To the Editor,

I went to Shar-kare in Port Alberni on Dec. 1 to buy cat food and road salt. As I entered the store I encountered a young woman and a large white dog. I offered the dog a treat (which he declined) and picked up my purchases.

When I went to pay my bill, approximately $120, the lady at the cash said the young woman ahead of me had paid $60 for my cat food.

I drove home and immediately got hung up on a snow drift on the street in front of my house. Two chaps in a pickup truck stopped, pushed me out and parked for me.

To those three kind strangers, I want to say thanks—no, more than thanks. They have given me an incredible lift and renewed my faith in the possibility of encountering simple generosity of spirit in the people with live with.

Lynn Pearn,

Port Alberni