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LETTER: Apology accepted

A sick body can cause a sick mind…

To the Editor,

Re: Civility lacking during election, Editorial, Oct. 26

“Although we find it convenient to talk separately of biological and psychological influences on behaviour, we need to remember: to think, feel or act without a body would be like running without legs.” (Psychology Textbook, Eleventh Edition, 2015. Page 52, Neuroscience)

A sick body can cause a sick mind. We need to keep the whole body and mind healthy. Factory-made, fake foods won’t do it; neither will addictive sugar.

I wish to share a positive experience I had at the Echo Pool aquatic centre. Impromptu discussions occur in the sauna. This day was about living in harmony. As I was leaving, a healthy, athletic-looking individual spoke to me about the desecration of the painting on the Orange Bridge (Riverbend Bridge) on Sept. 30. He apologized for the cruel notion of the vandals.

Surprised, I was not prepared for that. To cover my emotions I tried to change the subject. Calmly and patiently, he repeated how he felt and again apologized.

As a residential school survivor, I wish to publicly acknowledge and accept that apology. Hopefully, the person will read this.

Wilma Doxtdator,

Port Alberni