LETTER: Burde Street ponds could be Port Alberni’s nature park

The Burde Street Ponds, surrounding forest trails and beautiful green space are my sanctuary…

To the Editor,

The Burde Street Ponds, surrounding forest trails and beautiful green space are my sanctuary; a quiet, calm space where I go to renew myself. I know there are others like me.

The easily accessible shaded walking trails and abundant beauty are a drawing card for many types of people, locals and tourists alike. This gem far exceeds any other park area within the City of Port Alberni for those seeking a connection with nature or a quiet place to get away from it all. It offers photographic opportunities; education on wildlife; nesting sites for birds such as the beautiful Wood ducks and barred owls; a stopover for migrating water fowl; a home for the beavers that keep the ponds full which in turn provides an abundant beautiful habitat for the birds, animals and aquatic species. This area is home to many protected species. It’s a place to fill your mind, body and soul.

Yes, development is a necessity for growth and economy, but there are other properties that could be used…this property needs to be designated a park.

Deforestation, removal of the beavers and a dense development of up to 2,800 housing units, as proposed, would mean the destruction of the fragile balance of nature within the area. It would also mean the eventual loss of the ponds and of a quiet place to spend time in the lovely forest. To lose the Burde Street Ponds, the surrounding wetlands, the beautiful forest and walking trails would be a big loss for our community. This gem needs to be preserved.

Penny Hall,

Port Alberni

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