LETTER: Does denial make one smart when it comes to climate?

Is one therefore smarter than everyone else, if they just keep saying something?

To the Editor,

Any one can say something isn’t so: for example that the current climate crisis is not influenced or even caused by human activity. Does repeating that make one feel better?

Is one therefore smarter than everyone else, if they just keep saying something? Remember when it was “smoking doesn’t cause cancer”?. Now it has been discovered that climate crisis deniers have been using the same tactics as big tobacco. Documents have surfaced that major oil companies and car manufacturers and mining companies have been paying all kinds of associations and societies that advocate that there is no climate crisis—that manmade chemicals and gasses are not an issue.

Not only is this pretty much proof these entities are scared, they are also secretive and underhanded, bordering on criminal. Why would you need to be secretive and paying others to espouse your point of view if it had any merit? These people pay for the propagation of conspiracy theories which are indeed laughable.

Unfortunately, the best minds on the planet combined with high altitude testing and space surveillance, have consistently and overwhelmingly shown that our CO2, and methane, and freon, and other gasses are changing the upper atmosphere. There is empirical evidence that a “greenhouse effect” has been caused, which is cumulative, and will result in further temperature rises and all that implies now and in the future.

I also feel common sense is telling me this the case. Fires all summer, devastating new weather patterns, the greatest scientific minds and equipment on earth saying this is the case. These things add up.

How wonderful refreshing that places like Port Alberni house quietly brilliant minds, even geniuses, who can assure us this is not so. They simply say “It is not so”, and rest their case. I wonder what motivates such brilliance?

As I have said before, go ahead, buy huge trucks, burn plastic, buy medicated meat. Baby Jesus will save you and your grandchildren from being poisoned and made to suffer all their lives from unstoppable fires, intense heat, displaced populations, and oceans polluted with plastic. Yes, that’s the ticket: it will all go away. It’s a conspiracy.

Do you think?

Mike Wright,

Port Alberni

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