LETTER: Drive-in was a letdown, says writer

LETTER: Drive-in was a letdown, says writer

To the Editor,

I decided to go see the drive-in movie next to Boston Pizza on Aug. 11. As a youth growing up in southern Ontario I attended many drive-in movie outdoor theatres: in and around the city where I lived ther were three to choose from.

I used to love going to drive-in movies, so when I heard that Port Alberni was hosting this event I was excited and eager to go. According to the turnout, it was well attended.

I got there between 8–8:30 p.m. and I was quite disappointed when I tried to park so I could see the movie screen. You weren’t allowed to park anywhere you wanted, parking attendants parked you. The first place the attendant parked me was directly behind a high 4×4 truck and I couldn’t see the movie screen at all. I complained and asked to be moved to a better spot.

The second spot was a bit better but I could see only the top one-third of the screen because of the way the parking was organized.

Another complaint was the food menu offered to moviegoers: popcorn or pop didn’t seem to be on the menu. A movie experience is no good without popcorn and pop.

In frustration, I decided to leave. I told the parking attendant I was leaving because I couldn’t see the movie screen. I left before the movie even started.

Eric Hockaday,

Port Alberni

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