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LETTER: For some community members, ‘worth’ is measured differently

Why are some people unfairly labeled as ‘disposable,’ asks one writer

To the Editor,

Re: Province needs to step up, Inbox, April 13

The homeless community includes many who have been evicted while, if not due to, suffering significant mental health tribulations.

Also, to me, it’s offensive that people who cannot afford an official residence are, by extension, too poor to be permitted to practice what’s frequently platitudinously described as all citizens’ right to vote in elections.

It’s as though some people, however precious, can tragically be consciously or subconsciously considered disposable. Even to an otherwise democratic and relatively civilized nation, their worth(lessness) is measured basically by their “productivity” or lack thereof. Then those people may begin perceiving themselves as worthless and accordingly live their daily lives more haphazardly.

Frank Sterle Jr.,

White Rock, B.C.