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LETTER: Hockey Canada a poor example of a charity

To the Editor…

To the Editor,

I think we as citizens of Canada should take a hard look at registered charities in Canada. Why is it that Hockey Canada is considered a registered charity?

Ontario, for example, pays $25.46 per participant to Hockey Canada, but $2.97 of that money goes to the National Equity Fund, which had been used to pay sexual misconduct settlements including the payout related to the 2018 sexual abuse allegations. Millions of dollars in sexual abuse claims covered up by Hockey Canada were paid out over a number of years.

Hockey Canada takes in millions of dollars in registration fees every year all across Canada. That hardly sounds like a charity to me but only in Canada would our government consider it a charity. As such, Hockey Canada doesn’t have to publish audited financial statements showing where the hundreds of millions of dollars they collect every year goes, and exactly how much the directors and employees of that hollowed—not hallowed—organization are paid.

By the way, just because Pierre Trudeau created Hockey Canada in 1968, doesn’t make it sacred to me, and with all of the scandal that has come from that organization, all Canadians should be ashamed of Hockey Canada and all it stands for.

Thomas Gowan,

Port Alberni