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LETTER: If B.C.’s premier can back off museum rebuild, Port Alberni can back off quay pathway

Letter writer says city money better served on infrastructure other than Connect the Quays

To the Editor,

British Columbia Premier John Horgan announced he is stepping back from his controversial idea to build a new B.C. Museum to replace the Royal B.C. Museum in Victoria. The premier made his announcement after opinion polls suggested that 69 percent of respondents were opposed to the idea of building a new museum, and were opposed to the amount of public money allocated to the project.

If the premier can make such an announcement for the B.C. Museum, then why couldn’t the Mayor of Port Alberni make a similar announcement regarding the Connect the Quays path project?

I bet that if a poll was taken in Port Alberni to gauge the level of support for council to spend $7.2 million dollars on a waterfront path that mostly doesn’t follow the waterfront, that the results of that poll could possibly show even less support for the mayor’s path project, than the premier got for his museum project.

To date, I haven’t come across a person who is thrilled with the path project.

Council should ask us if we want it by conducting a poll, return the grant funding to the province, and redirect the funds allocated to the path project, to other infrastructure in dire need of attention.

Leslie Walerius,

Port Alberni