LETTER: Logging not the future of Port Alberni

Not everyone in this community is glorifying the logging industry…

To the Editor,

In two of your December issues, logging demonstrations were prominently discussed on front page. However, not everyone in this community is glorifying the logging industry and its horrifying damage to the environment. Many residents of this town enjoy the forested paths, the rivers, lakes and mountains. We know the healing power of nature, and abhor the clear-cut mountain slopes. It was especially distressing to read that “Port Alberni’s sawmills all use old growth timber for processing, as does Catalyst paper mill.”

I completely agree that the government needs to pay compensation for jobs lost. Still, at this time of global climate emergencies, perhaps a little less income in another, more environmentally healthy job would do. The job that keeps a roof over a child’s head at this moment may prove to be detrimental for his children. We have priceless natural assets similar to Gibsons, on Sechelt peninsula. That small town was the first in Canada to create a management plan that recognizes the value of natural assets.

Maybe it’s time to demonstrate in front of the government office and ask for fair compensation and opportunities to use their skills in forest restoration and infrastructure maintenance.

Rayana Erland,

Port Alberni