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LETTER: Port Alberni needs more colour

We seem to be losing our history…

To the Editor,

We are two of the old seniors still living in Port Alberni. We came here in the 50s and are still in our own home, watching the changes in our city. We seem to be losing our history. We were built on the forest industry and our waterway with ships. We have a wonderful example of our heritage with the McLean Mill. I was an artist at one time and Howard McLean gave me permission to go on his property so I could sketch scenes of the old buildings. It is the right colour for heritage with the forest.

For years, we watched Qualicum grow as they became careful of their downtown development. Port Alberni seems to be losing its history lately, with black buildings being so prevalent.

My husband came to the valley in 1952 as a telegrapher for the CPR. Times have changed for communications now. I shudder to think how with changing the colour of the railway station to black, our history will immediately be lost.

I can’t believe there are all these black buildings when we are surrounded by green forest and blue-green ocean with ships still going up and down. I do hope someone will pay attention before our history is lost.

I have been watching with interest the renovation and relocation of R. Anderson and Associates’ business relocation to lower Third Avenue from Argyle Street. It is much more accessible. They took over the site of Leo Katilla’s early garage and did a marvelous renovation. If I were giving out awards for something well done, I would present them with an award. Well done and they have enhanced the look of our city.

Alice Chiko,

Port Alberni