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LETTER: Protesters need to give our Canadian flag more respect than they are showing

‘Freedom’ protesters’ misuse of maple leaf raises letter writer’s ire

To the Editor,

As proud Canadians, when travelling we wear a Canadian patch or pin as well have a card to give to people with the flag as the background. For many years we have flown a large Canadian flag at our home. Now we feel we may have to take it down as people may think it is in support of the “freedom group.”

A house divided cannot stand! This so called “freedom group” as far as we can tell has done three things:

1) Blocked the freedom of people from going about their lives by interfering with their work, school, travel, social life and in some cases ability to get to a hospital.

2) Embarrassed Canada around the world by making the flying of our flag a symbol of something that is the exact opposite of what those who have fought and died for intended.

3) Ignored the law to the point of anarchy, making it necessary to activate the federal Emergencies Act to restore order in our country.

So how can they say they are for freedom when all they do is interfere with others’ freedom?

We support the right to protest if we agree with the protesters’ point of view or not. What we suggest to the “freedom”activists is to do like other groups who have a cause do: design your own flag, protest at legal, appropriate places, obey the law. Your blocking roads and sidewalks while flying our flag and holding (as I saw in Port Alberni) a large flag with “F*** Trudeau” written on it is not acceptable behaviour.

L. Readshaw,

Port Alberni