LETTER: Quay to quay a waste of taxpayer money

The silent majority needs to speak up and voice their concerns…

To the Editor,

This is in regards to the proposed (done deal?) quay-to-quay path.

I believe the whole idea of the pathway is to have a waterfront walkway, but there is only a very small portion of the proposed walkway that is going to be waterfront. The rest is a waste of taxpayer money (grant and otherwise) when people can just use the existing sidewalk on Stamp Avenue. Perhaps more lighting could be installed if deemed necessary.

I was surprised to learn of the plans for the path to parallel the train tracks from Stamp Avenue. This will include bright lights for safety. Will a safety fence be constructed along the path, if/when the train gets up and running, and at what cost?

It was considered too costly to just widen the existing sidewalk along Stamp Avenue in order to have two-way bike and pedestrian traffic. One of the reasons was the high cost of putting in an overhead walkway across Stamp Avenue! Why was a walkway even considered when there’s a traffic light at Redford Street and a pedestrian-controlled light at the mill? If people can’t use one of these options, why would they use an overpass? Or the path, for that matter.

And really—is somebody going to park at one quay, walk all the way to another, and then walk back to their car again?

The silent majority needs to speak up and voice their concerns and displeasure with this project. I feel there was no real opportunity for the public to actually have any say as to if it goes ahead or not.

Lorraine Brunt,

Port Alberni

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