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LETTER: Rails should prevail over quay to quay trail

Vancouver Island rail would be a benefit, waterfront walkway in Port Alberni would not, says writer

To the Editor,

There’s been talk about revitalizing the rail lines for Vancouver Island; allowing this makes huge sense when and if the main highway is blocked for whatever reason.

Should this not pan out would the provincial and federal governments consider opening up the highway between Highway 4 and Highway 19 near Horne Lake? There has been discussion about this over the years, I’m not sure what the holdup is or reason for not pursuing. It’s hard to understand why topics like this are so hard to decide on. Having this extra thoroughfare would be a lot more beneficial for a lot more people living on the west side of the Island.

Thinking about such transportation costs, I’m still hoping against hard-earned tax dollars going toward having a boardwalk between the two quays in Port Alberni. I am still asking, should the money not be used to either revitalize the local pool or build a new one? I feel it would be beneficial to a lot more people, a lot more of the time, no matter the season.

T. St. Jacques,

Port Alberni