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LETTER: Ukraine war shows we’re too dependent on fossil fuels

Man of Ukrainian descent says it’s time to act to avoid more war

To the Editor,

Nearly every war of the past century can be directly or indirectly tied to the securing of fossil fuel resources. That applies to Ukraine today.

My mother’s family (Neufeld) were refugees from southern Ukraine 100 years ago. It suddenly all feels very personal. Ever since the late 2000s there has been talk of the need for a “Second World War” type effort by government to reduce energy and carbon use quickly in the face of climate change.

Now, actual war has come back to Europe.

Canadian Forces are not in combat, but certainly in harm’s way. The United States is talking about “heat pumps for Europe” and the EU is proposing a massive build of renewable energy to enable cutting off Russian supplies before next winter. Our long term, and now immediate, safety and financial security depend on massive action to reduce fossil fuel dependency and use. It appears governments have accepted this.

It is certainly better than taking up arms, and will help avoid that fate. We must do it justly, supporting and transitioning workers so that they can participate in this grand effort. No one can be left behind. We’ve waited too long. It must begin now, for Ukraine and all of us.

Chris Alemany,

Port Alberni