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LETTER: What would you rename B.C. if you could?

I thought it might be fun to brainstorm new monikers…

To the Editor,

A recent conversation has been taking place: is it time to change the name of our province?

Those who answer “yes” generally point to the fact that our current handle is derived — in part — from Christopher Columbus (the “Columbia” part was named for the Columbia River, which in turn was named for Columbus). And many people now feel that, although Columbus was an unparalleled explorer, he was also a genocidal maniac.

While it seems unlikely that our province will be re-branded anytime soon, I thought it might be fun to brainstorm new monikers for The Region To Eventually Be Formerly Known As British Columbia. A name honouring our Indigenous peoples would likely be the best option but if we decided for some reason not to go that route, how about Pacifica? Or Cascadia? We could, of course, go with the weather angle. The Wet Coast, perhaps? Precipitation Nation? The Rain Domain? We might also claim — officially, this time — the title Hollywood North.

Alternatively, we could expand one of Vancouver’s nicknames and call the entire area Lotusland. We might highlight local wildlife (Here Be Grizzlies? The Deerosphere? Orcastan?) or focus on popular leisure pursuits and dub ourselves The Bud Belt or The Emancipated Republic Of Weed. We’re also a pretty province, I suppose. Glorious Territorius?

Another possibility is to recognize the common perception that folks in Ontario are uptight and those on this side of the country are laid-back, whilst at the same time acknowledging that the zone in which we reside is meteorologically moderate. In that case, the new name of our province would be Where The Mild Things Are.

Darien Edgeler,

Port Alberni

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