LETTER: Why did city not heed warning about McLean Mill?

To the Editor,

To the Editor,

Re: McLean Mill oil spill cleanup exceeds $1M, Dec. 20, 2020.

I find it unpardonable that the City of Port Alberni was warned about the risk at the McLean Mill site and did nothing about rectifying it.

It is negligent on the part of the mayor and council of the day that we the taxpayers are going to have to pay well over a million dollars for ignorance.

What other much needed projects are on hold or will never be completed due to the lack of funds?

How much will our taxes increase due to this spill and give us nothing in return? Of course council is approaching another level of government for money to cover their dereliction of duty.

I also find it hard to believe the city only has $100,000 of pollution coverage. I do not know who does the risk management for the city; was the city offered a higher limit and the city declined, or was it not offered?

All in all, somebody”s head should roll if staff is responsible, or the mayor and council should resign.

John Panagrot

(Editor’s note: John Panagrot spent 48 years in the insurance business in B.C. before his retirement.)

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