Letters of the week-March 9

On April 22, 2013, John Horgan tells environmentalists “I am pleased to say we are saying no to Kinder Morgan.....

To the editor,

On April 22, 2013, John Horgan tells environmentalists “I am pleased to say we are saying no to Kinder Morgan.” Then tells the unions, Feb 13, 2013, “I think it is appropriate that Kinder Morgan be allowed.”

On July 30, 2015, John Horgan tells the environmentalists that “Kinder Morgan cannot be allowed to go forward” April 2, 2014, John then tells the unions, “pipelines are a very important part of our future, no question”

On Sept. 8, 2016, John tells the environmentalists, “Kinder Morgan cannot go forward”. On Sept. 7, 2016, John then tells the unions, “I could be persuaded on Kinder Morgan.”

British Columbia is presently the only province in Canada on solid financial ground, and taxpayers regardless of their political party preference should be proud to be living in the number one province in Canada, which other provinces are envious of B.C. Very scary to the taxpayers of B.C. if John Horgan is given the chance to become the Premier of B.C.

Former B.C. Social Credit premier, WAC Bennett, said, “the NDP could never operate a peanut stand”. So true, why throw it all away?

Joe Sawchuk,



To the editor,

As a business owner in Port Alberni, in the area of town that has the oldest buildings in the worst shape, the recent article on the front page of this paper on March 2, 2017 is a welcome sign. I know that the facade program has been ongoing for more than a year now and that my own landlord has taken advantage of this offer.

It appears that city council has finally taken the suggestions and hard work put forth by Kevin Wright of the Steampunk Cafe over the last five years to actually engage the business owners with the expectation of “doing more” than just “clean up.” A program like the one that Kevin proposed over several council terms would fast track this initiative.

It is obvious that buildings that get “cleaned up” but continue to remain empty will only deteriorate further over time.

Small business is now and will always continue to generate jobs in our community, revenue for the tax coffers, and create innovative options for local shoppers.

Thank you Kevin for the generosity of your time, creative ideas and sticking with it for the long haul. And thanks to our city council for recognizing the contribution that small business makes to our community.

Chris Washington,

Port Alberni


To the editor,

On Friday, Jan. 20, while returning home to Port Alberni, we stopped in at SOS thrift Store in Parksville. I believe while getting out of the car I dropped my small billfold containing my cheques, cheque-book register, and $150 in cash. On Sunday I looked everywhere for it and realized where I must have lost it. Thinking that my phone number was on the cheques, I thought if I were to get it back, someone would phone me. Monday morning I notified the bank and put stop payments on the remaining cheques. Daily I checked my banking on the computer to ensure that no invalid cheques were cashed. I was upset that I lost my cheques resister as it contained my chequing details for the past year. I was resigned to the cash loss knowing that I should only carry what I am willing to forego.

Fast forward to Wednesday, Feb. 15 at Echo Center. I was having lunch with our quilting group and was approached by Barbi who handed over my lost item. I was gobsmacked! And speechless, which was something! Barbi said she was searching for an article in the lost and found box, dug down to the bottom and found it. Everything in it was intact. Also, my Echo Sunshine Club membership card was inside it, so maybe that was why it ended up where it did. I noted that my phone number was not on the cheques as I thought.

I am so grateful that my item was returned to me and often wonder the journey it took. Most of all, I am indebted to the kind, wonderful person that did what they could to return it. I would really like to thank you myself. Bless your heart.

Barbara Smith,

Port Alberni