LETTERS: SD70 needs to ‘think outside the box’ on ADSS lands

Jan. 5: Writer keeps pressure on Alberni Valley School District over vacant high school land.

To the Editor,

School District 70’s plan to sell a parcel of land was featured in a Dec. 1 Alberni Valley News story. Included also was the following statement regarding disposition of the old high school grounds: “We haven’t got anything fresh—as soon as something comes up we’ll bring it forward.”

So what have they got?

They have correspondence suggesting that this is a prime site for a multifaceted senior care/living complex of some sort. They have correspondence asking that they take the lead and seek support from other regional jurisdictions (the city, regional district and west coast communities) to find consensus for such usage. All regional jurisdictions also have this correspondence.

They all know that a lobby of Island Health, of the Ministry of Education, by a unified regional voice has power.  What else they have, I don’t know.

School trustees need to use their power. Take the lead. What a wonderful legacy it would be should the previous ADSS site become the home of a senior care/living facility?

In fact, a name has already been suggested: ADSS on Burde St. (Alberni District Seniors Sanctuary). What an opportunity the school district  has to promote this well documented community need.  And it’s not just Port Alberni but the whole region including the west coast, that would benefit.

Forget the “this can’t be done” mentality. To quote outgoing US President Barack Obama: “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something.”

Outside the box action and thinking is needed. Involvement of the education and health ministries re land disposition/ transfer need be sought. Involve our MLA Scott Fraser.

During every Global evening news cast I see advertised “Legacy Senior Living”.  Could this be  part of a multifaceted public/private senior facility so needed? Has contact with such a private company been considered?

Simply waiting for a realtor, with offer in hand, is not good enough.

T. Lyman Jardin,

Port Alberni