Mulcair latest target for PMO

Thomas Mulclair has a political bullseye on him, reader says.

To the Editor,

It’s that time of year, the date of which is determined by moon phases, when those of a certain religion become totally fixated on crucifixion. I became similarly fixated by the Beatles’ The Ballad Of John And Yoko playing in my cranial Wurlitzer whenever the TV lens focused on Thomas Mulcair during Saturday’s NDP Leadership Convention.

The song’s somewhat sacrilegious chorus ends with : “The way things are goin’, they’re gonna crucify me”. “They” in John Lennon’s lyrics were back-stabbing media and fans who disapproved of his beloved Yoko.

When I linked the chorus to Mulcair,  “They” are the front-stabbing-holier-than-thou-Tory-types in the PMO.

Since the Canadian Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) and the Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) merged, there have been unrelenting and remorseless personal attacks on leaders of the opposing parties.

First it was “Mr. Dithers” Paul Martin, then “unfit to lead” Stephane Dion, then “just visiting” Michael Ignatieff. They smeared Jack Layton’s last campaign with “massage parlour parlance”; before that it was “Taliban Jack”.

Recently Bob Rae has been ducking salvos, but now all the artillery will be firing at Mulcair.

From past attempts at musical renditions, it appears our PM is a Beatles’ fan: maybe by the 2015 election he’ll be singing another Lennon classic, I’m A Loser?

Bernie Smith,