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Paddles up on Sproat Lake

A serene paddle on Sproat Lake this summer.

To the Editor,

Paddles Up

The water is calm in the bay

as we climb aboard one by one

Firm hands to wrists, gentle

shifting from dock to boat.

Paddles up

The team stills,

paddles at the ready

conversations pause

awaiting the command.

Take it away

We begin paddling. The boat glides

gaining momentum. And faster still.

Paddles reaching, pulling as one.

The boat throbs in time

with the paddles. A gasp,

a giggle, and murmured apology.

Someone was splashed with icy lake water.

Let it ride

Paddles come up out of the water,

quiet conversations drifting

as we rest letting the boat slow

Paddles up

Take it away.

Barbara Olstad,

Port Alberni

Editor’s note: Barbara Olstad is a new paddler on the Ladies of the Lake Dragon Boat Team, and was inspired by her experience to write a poem about it.